DAF XF 6 v 2.0

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– Glass and chrome materials are corrected and the truck no longer the error log
– Mirror displays are now available in paint and chrome, and all the accessories that you can adjust buy
– Motors slightly revised to reflect the new specifications EURO 6 engines

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Authors: serega2012, Lixsodey (Lech Kolosov ), pez2k , ExclusiveUA


13 thoughts on “DAF XF 6 v 2.0

  1. tyrannix2342

    where the interior to DAF XF 6????Why do incomplete modification?? For me, no sense. It’s for developers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqxo-ZBiSEI

  2. Theres no point in anyone doing a interior for this because SCS are doing it and its too much work for a modder to do so. SCS have been working on the new DAF for almost 6 months now so there gonna release it soon. SCS is gonna have it all properly modeled so may asewell wait for SCS to release then we will get a proper interior and truck. Look at the 3D complexity of modeling a interior from when the new volvo was being made http://blog.scssoft.com/2013/08/the-new-volvo-fh-series-news.html
    There’s alot more work than you think that goes into making a interior which is shown in the link above. So to ask a modder to make an entire daf euro 6 interior and expect it to replicate the real truck bug free is a crazy because it takes 6+ months to make a truck bug free with the entire SCS team. Im just waiting for SCS to release in the next patch then we all get the proper DAF Euro 6.

    1. vovlo4life

      I can confirm that it takes 6 months to make one truck. Considering the fact that they announce the new Daf Euro 6 in November 25th 2013 we can expect the new Daf in this month or in May but I may be wrong.

  3. interior looks similar anyway.. be grateful that someone actually put the time and effort into the exterior whinge ###.

  4. Mihai your video is sucks! stop do it :O

    1. i hope you will do more better !!!

  5. can I ask a favour could someone do a interior with the curtains and laptop on the dashboard, I would be greatful I would do it myself but have a clue how to start. mny thanks

  6. you is important interiors, asto the lights do not work it does not matter.

  7. WHAT GAME VERSION?????????

  8. I´m new to ETS2.
    Installed the XF Euro6 mod.

    I have problems to put on trailers.. The DAF XF6 refuses is undriveable and gets damaged when getting the trailer. Is this a known problem?

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