DAF XF 95 Space Cab Euro 3

DAF-XF-95-1 DAF-XF-95-2

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Your interior
Their native sounds
Metallic support 2 type
Support DLC Cabin Accessories
Your Engines (4 engines)
Chassis (6 types)
Its wheels author:50keda
Your mirrors

– 4 Visor (Purple,Red,Green,Black)
– 4 Deflectors (Purple,Red,Green,Black)
– 4 Curtains (Original,Red,Grey,Yellow)
– 4 Side curtains (Original,Red,Grey,Yellow)
– Second sleeper bag (Can be removed,Opened,Closed)
– 4 Type spoiler (Can be removed,Only the top Floor 95/105,Original 95)
– Wings (Plastic,Color)
– Stickers on the wall of the cabin speed limits
– Sign on the wings of that truck without a trailer (the Pad lights,Under the lights)
– 20 License plate numbers of countries
– Skirts
– Gride (Plastic,Color)
– Original Radio

The interior doesn’t like HDR (For an enjoyable game should be to turn it off)
When you copy a save link and authors!

Authors: 50keda, by_Lexa, NevesuMatlez, SCS, RJL


18 thoughts on “DAF XF 95 Space Cab Euro 3

  1. very good job! its realistics !

  2. годный трак 🙂

  3. Just no comment….. You should work in SCS… A masterpiece truck!
    Big thanks, Lanker

  4. 144Peerk164

    Oh 😀 Amazing truck man , thanks a lot 🙂

  5. Architect

    Great truck! Will it have more cabins in later version?

  6. Template ?

  7. Wow! Nice work.

  8. NikolayKolev-Nicko

    Template ?

  9. truckerFR


  10. в кабине темно.надо поярче сделать.а так нормальный мод.

  11. I don t see nothing on interior,is too dark,please fix this!

  12. truckerkaiel

    One of the best truck Mod i´ve played. Very good job.

  13. Hey, wery good truck and wery nice dachboard. the only thing is that the cockpit is wery wery dark when in game, if go to the tuning meny there is no problem and the cockpit has normal light, but then driving the truck in the world is dark as night inside do its daytime light in world. can i corekt this in any way?

  14. nice job !! but dark cockpit

  15. Its a masterpiece. Way better than the scs’s 105. There is only 1 thing that i cant stand. It’s the interior light. Its so dark and i cant see anything. Please fix that. Thank you so much for uploading that truck anyway.

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