DAF XF by 50k [1.17+] [v 4.0 – 17.10.2017]

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THE DAF XF by 50k [1.17+] [v4.0 – 17.10.2017]

-JoNnii-V8 -> 4 spoke wheel model

All files created by 50keda (the authors) are allowed for use by private individuals.
No files included in this package are allowed to be redistributed without permission from 50keda.
No files included or parts thereof are allowed to be used commercially.
Any files by other authors included in this package are used with permission and are property
of the original author.
All brand logos and images are property of their respective owners.

50keda, SCS, JoNnii-V8



14 thoughts on “DAF XF by 50k [1.17+] [v 4.0 – 17.10.2017]

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  2. AzoraxModdingGaming
  3. jorgent97

    Hd test..

    1. jorgent97

      Hd test…

  4. jorgent97 Hd nest…
    PolishDriverTruck Hd test….
    Mr.GermanFack Hd test….
    Hd test …. who else is smart
    Hd test…..
    Hd test………


    You funny clowns online disease…

    Without your rotten snot I know the author and his work, you piece of s.h.i.t!

    1. Yes !! I agree 😀

      1. What is your ###### ### problems? These people provide us with a test video, to show whether the mod is good and worth a download. I many times rely on the videos to choose if I want to download it or not.. So shut the hell up and go play with your toys u little morons

    2. Why so salty, Klains? Your parents never loved you rough because you possess no talent in doing mods or video making? Go back to your time out corner, whiny baby.

  5. Money, money, money, every klick counts.

    If I look a Video, than ONLY from MrGermanTruck 😉

  6. This mod is great however it would be better if on the raised roof spoiler on sc plus it had the option to fit the side air kit aswell please consider this request.

  7. Actually I see here 8 comments, the only point seems to be regarding lousy money and boastful self-portrayal….
    But NO any one told something about the topic: This upload of DAF XF by 50k.
    I do not know where I have got to be here on this website, but obviously I’m confronted with some idiotic and self over estimated freaks, and even NO one is able to tell a simple word regarding the upload – which is about this truck – something like a voting or anything else, no.
    Am I idiotic – or is it all of YOU?
    To have lost the target completely out of focus………
    ######, numerous even.
    And that you call ‘comments’ – with no any real statements regarding this truck?
    Have I asked too much to your empty heads??? Seems so….

    1. Keep on crying, gerd_e. Your tears go well, especially since you have never done any of your work except by b*tching and whining.

  8. All jealous guys Gerd 😉

  9. Bitte ein DAF-XF 95 version,wäre super

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