DAF XF E6 Ohaha Fly By Nite Transport (UK) Skin

fly-by-nite-transport-2 fly-by-nite-transport-1

This is a real life British livery and works on DAF XF E6 by Ohaha. Download and enjoy!

Author: ryaskins


3 thoughts on “DAF XF E6 Ohaha Fly By Nite Transport (UK) Skin

  1. Ryan Ireland

    Hello ryaskins,

    are you intrested in making more of the FlyByNite Skins.

    We would be quite intrested in your skills of this skin i currently Run FBN VTC

  2. Mark Taylor

    Can not download the skin says there is a VIRUS on it

  3. FbN does not run 6×2 units in their colours only white hire units

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