DAF XF Euro 6 Animated Steering Column


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Animated Steering Column for DAF XF Euro 6 Truck

Author: Szeryff123


28 Responses to DAF XF Euro 6 Animated Steering Column

  1. trucker19 says:


  2. SCANIA730 says:

    need that for my scania streamline too :O
    Really nice mod 🙂 thx for it

  3. André Santos says:

    The steering wheel turns when the truck is walking?

  4. André Santos says:


  5. Peshovolvo says:

    WHy crash me !!!

  6. sogard3 says:

    WOW nice job, make for other trucks please!!

  7. John Snuh says:


  8. Sca says:

    All Trucks . Please Thanks

  9. truckergeerard says:


    very good yob nice,whit what button do you move the steering wheel? or automatic wen engine stops

  10. André Santos says:

    You make wiht ZM3 or Blender?

  11. wegger says:

    Nice mod!

  12. SOSO says:

    Really cool idea! Fits perfect. THX

  13. john says:

    Hello how is it possible that this file works it is a rar file

  14. Yep Yep says:


    You can open it with winrar or 7zip either program. then move it to the sii.file in the mod folder.

  15. Jim says:

    How should I say this? It’s not really working hahaha


    Nice mod though 😀 (Y)

  16. alekseya says:

    Он у меня не работает.Почему?!кроме карты,больше модов нет.

  17. skejcikk says:

    Do you have to press a button for it? because it does not work automatically with me.

  18. Sofer says:

    1.14 Crash … Why ?

  19. EJTruckingINC says:

    Can you please update your mod for 1.15.1 it turns the steering wheel sideways when using ZZzz Daf XF EURO6 Reworked & Open pipe sound mod from Kriechbaum. Anyway to update that to work with that sound mod…which i think is the best sound mod i have found…and I love your mod…but i can’t do with out the sound mod lol…If ya can thanks If not that’s cool…still a great mod!!! 🙂

    • masarnia says:

      cmon any one can re make this mod to the curent ets version??????

  20. madangkara says:

    hi bro…can you make the position wheel steering truck/busmod ets2, flat position like this , it is more realistic…especially for bus mod…or maybe you have tutorial? please…

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