DAF XF Euro 6 by Ohaha Jos Janssen Skin

Jos-Janssen-1 Jos-Janssen-2

Jos Janssen Skin for DAF Euro 6 by Ohaha.

We made this skin at a request but since the person we made it for decided not to use it, we have decided to make it public.

You need the DAF E6 by Ohaha to use this skin!

There are 2 versions of lightboxes included.
Wheels are not included.

Skin was tested on the latest version of the game.

Authors: DutchTrucker19, Joey Boerenkamp


7 Responses to DAF XF Euro 6 by Ohaha Jos Janssen Skin

  1. TBLP says:

    Thank you sooooo much!!! I love this truck. The Skin is very nice! Great Job!!!

    • DutchTrucker19 says:

      Thanks for your comment! We have put alot of work in this skin, we worked for nearly 2 weeks on it.

  2. Kowalski says:

    Bonjour DutchTrucker19 es-se que vous réaliseriez des peau pour scania RJL ?

    • DutchTrucker19 says:

      Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean, English please.

      • mvd says:

        Kowasaki bedoelt of je de skin ook voor rjl kunt maken @dutchtrucker

  3. Kowalski says:

    Hey DutchTrucker19 is that you would be out of the shed skin Scania RJL?

  4. yari chrispijn says:

    yo ik heb bij die plaat waar normaal daf staat een grijs vlak ipv zwart met een witte streep hoe kan ik dit op lossen?

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