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The new map PJ Indo Map or you can called PJ Map. The evolution of Panjelajers Indo Map. Indonesia Map with nature of Europe. Tested in ETS2 version 1.22

– Map has been moved little down.
– Adding 3 new cities in left-traffic region.
– Rebuild all of eastern part of this map.
– Replace Budiman and Meru Kambang in eastern part.
– Add new ports.
– Fixed some bugs and made improvements.

– Report bugs or error if you have found.
– This mod can be complement by other mods, such as PROMODS, RUSMAP, ROS, EAA, TSM, etc.
– More information look in Readme file.

Enjoy The Game!

Septian MR

DOWNLOAD 80 MB [mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 80 MB [blogspot]

28 Responses to PJ Indo Map v1.5

  1. Olson says:

    help, i cant get into the company, thr is an invisible wall blocking entry at the gate.

  2. bimbo2704 says:

    The game will crash when travelling by ferry to Labuhan Marin! There is a bug somewhere.

  3. bimbo2704 says:

    With the map when you use the ferry ProMods 2.0, the game will crash. The error is only for me?

    • smori says:

      check your gamelog. so i can fix this problem.

      • bimbo2704 says:

        My fault. I put the PJ Maps before ProMods. PJ Map must be up for the other maps! Lower priority means the fall games. It’s a great map, just the’m sorry disappeared all crossed the road from version 1.4. Thanks for your work.

  4. Andris says:

    Nice map! Good job!
    Keep it up! 🙂

  5. tsakis says:

    the game crash all the time when i take the ferry….. tsm map

    • smori says:

      Try to put PJ Base upper then other mods in mod manager. Also if you want to complement with other maps you must deactivate PJ Plus in mod manager. Or check the gamelog and you will find the answer.

  6. paul says:

    works with pro-mods + rus map + Project Balkans + China map The only problem I had is that when I got of the ferry road markings + sings said drive on left so I did but then cam A1 traffic on the same side driving in my lane so which side of the road are you ment to drive please can you fix this other than this a great map and keep up the work thanks

    • smori says:

      In upper side of this map (Telukmuara to Banaran) is using left-side traffic. And others use right side traffic. i know you may be confused for this feature, but you can look “drive on left” sign in this port like Telukmuara, Parang, and Kalisari (also gas station near Tanjung Banaran) means these cities use the left side traffic like UK. Otherwise cities are using right side traffic.

      Cities that using leftside traffic (Teluk Muara, Kampung Cadar, Argo, Miliharjo, Sukoilir, Parang, Wonojoyo, Kalisari, and Tanjung Banaran)
      Others use right side traffic.
      I hope you can understand. Thanks!

  7. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Here’s a delivery run completed with the map.

    Picked up cargo in Labuhan Hajisari
    Did a little sightseeing
    Delivered cargo in Kalisari 2107km Delivery Run

  8. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Here’s another delivery run completed with the map.

    Picked up cargo in Labuhan Hajisari
    Did some more sightseeing
    Delivered cargo in Tanjung Banaran 2305km Delivery Run

  9. Milka78 says:

    Very nice job,congratulations!!!

  10. rob says:

    Game crash in paleman up near recruitment agency………

  11. oji says:

    Mas, mod nya diaktifkan dua2nya atau satu2 ya?

    • smori says:

      Langsung dua boleh, satu juga boleh ( yang pj base saja juga boleh). Tapi kalau mau nggabungin map ini dengan map mod lain, yang panplus(pj plus) harus dinonaktifkan di mod manager agar menghindari crash.

  12. Oji says:

    sy sdh coba v1.18.0.10s beta (26 DLC) dan v1.22.0.3 (29 DLC) , kok tetap map eropa yg keluar ya? kira2 salahnya dimana ya mas?

    • smori says:

      itu pake pj map versi berapa? untuk pj base memang harus aktif. atau cek di gamelog di folder document-euro truck simulator lalu lihat yang error.

      • Oji says:

        sy coba pj map v 1.5 pake ets2 v1.22.0.3 (29 DLC) mapnya tidak berubah mas

        00:02:18.128 : Resources load time: 1616ms (177 MB)
        00:02:18.128 : Map ‘/map/europe.mbd’ loading started ….
        00:02:27.208 : Map successfully loaded.
        00:02:27.239 : Map load time: 9111ms (3 MB)
        00:02:27.244 : Game state load failed. Game state will be restored from the initial save.
        00:02:28.564 : Economy reset – company mismatch
        00:02:28.579 : Road network navigation caching started.
        00:02:44.819 : Road network navigation caching finished.

        • smori says:

          Di map ada garis putus putus dari ferry calais atau dover jauh ke barat tidak? Kalau gitu coba tambahin pj plus (panplus) sekalian untuk setting perbesarannya (zoom). Soalnya mapnya muncul di paling kiri, sebelah kiri spanyol. Di mod manager di kotak sebelah kanan pj base harus paling atas. Kalau tidak, berarti ada settingan yang salah pada game.
          Semoga bisa membantu.

          • Oji says:

            oh iya sdh ada mas mapnya disamping, thanks 🙂
            btw itu mapnya daerah jawa mana ya mas?

  13. Matt says:

    Game crash when taking ferry to Labuan Marin

    00:09:11.863 : Missing sign template definition sign_templ.395
    00:09:11.863 : Missing sign template definition sign_templ.395
    00:09:11.867 : Missing sign template definition sign_templ.390
    00:09:11.867 : Missing sign template definition sign_templ.390
    00:09:11.869 : Missing sign template definition sign_templ.395
    00:09:11.869 : Missing sign template definition sign_templ.390

    • smori says:

      oh, thanks. i try to fix this.

    • smori says:

      Fix : try to put pj base upper then other map mod in right box of mod manager. And deactivate pj plus (if you combine with other map mods). Thanks.

  14. lemans72 says:

    hello je on peut avoir une fix pour le zom mario eaa+pj indo map

  15. smori says:

    Update! PJ Indo Map v1.6 release.

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