DAF XF Euro 6 by ohaha v 1.24


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This DAF XF E6 is a worked version of the original DAF Euro 6 from SCS Software, contains these features:

Plastic and painted optional variants for:
– Upper engine grid (with lights and various signs slots)
– Lower engine grid
– Bumper (with high beam projectors and lights slots)
– Cabin fender (side protection)
– Rear wheel arches

Side skirts available for 6xX chassis variants:
– Stock (plastic and painted)
– Custom (with custom lights slots)

– Upper cabin back custom plate (with custom lights slots)
– Vertical exhaust pipes (one currently available. more will be built, probably)
– Reworked chassis configurations

Author: ohaha

DOWNLOAD 20 MB [Drive.google]
DOWNLOAD 20 MB [Sharemods]

8 thoughts on “DAF XF Euro 6 by ohaha v 1.24

  1. Sam richards

    Amazing mod again
    Just wondering if it’s standalone or able to put skins on it as I have a skin for the scs daf I wanted on this

  2. amazing mod thanks again!!!
    any chance u could do something like this for man??
    many thanks

  3. Why i haven’t back plate in truck when i use this mod?

  4. Pls make red/white width indicator lamps on the front bumper! 🙂

  5. i also have a mod for the e6 for the axles 8×4
    could it be possible you made something for that too??
    cuz i really love your mod but i also love 8×4

  6. fleescher

    hi can you integrate this interioer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY4hvFxT6Xw

  7. Caszerino

    TIR and several other signs still broken in latest version (red “No Texture” skin) … any update on this?

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