DAF XF Euro 6 Definitive Template


The official version 1.14 patch was released on STEAM and will come out for the game CD.

Author: MatDom1988


7 Responses to DAF XF Euro 6 Definitive Template

  1. marcelofs says:

    It is outrageous!
    The users that we have purchased the program in SCS, we are always at the end!
    Is released upgrades and enhancements for Steam users
    and we faithful to SCS we are the ones last in line!
    Thanks SCS for their gratitude!

    • randy says:

      im with you….we are Always the last…but scs doesnt remember that we bought the game first

    • bobsled says:

      you can activate your product key from SCS on steam

  2. matdom1988 says:

    If you put a game on steam.

  3. paul says:

    I agree with you marcelofs we are always last

  4. marcelofs says:

    Steam is the worst, with that program intruder and be dependent on it and their publicity, never again!
    I purchased and I paid to the company SCS!
    Why I depend on Steam? I did not buy nothing on Steam.
    I’ve had the experience, and I do not like!
    (Sorry for my bad English and my displeasure)
    Marcelo (Mark)

  5. Jakov152 says:

    Where’s the video?!?!

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