DAF XF Euro 6 High Power Engine & Transmission


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2000, 5000, 15000 hp Engine and maximum speed 300 km/h & maximum Speed 450km/h Transmission for DAF XF Euro 6 Truck




9 thoughts on “DAF XF Euro 6 High Power Engine & Transmission

  1. 15000 HP,5000 HP, 2000HP???###??

    1. scanialoverr

      This mod is clearly made by 12 year old kid. Totally unrealistic. If you want to drive 450km/h then go and play need for speed. These mods should not even exist!

      1. Christian

        You’re right, totally unrealistic.
        Which is why its a mod, and not in the game itself. If you dont like the mod then dont download it, simple as that. Mods are mods, they modify and change what the game was before, and its up to you to decide whether the change was a good thing or a bad thing.

  2. Which engine and transmission i must use for 450km/h i want just a try that speed please reply

    1. scanialoverr

      if you want to drive 450km/h go and play need for speed.

      1. ### shut up scanialoverr in need for speed you can even go that fast and IT IS A MOD, it is fun mod just to be able to mess around and have fun if you can’t enjoy that than JUST DONT DOWNLOAD THE MOD IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, it is really just that simple.


    Thank you for your comment.
    It is very long straight road put out 450km / h in this MOD. It will be overturned when you turned the steering wheel to be a road where there is a curve.
    Although I was not able to only record the 300km / h in a 12-speed because it does not find a long straight road,
    You’ll be able to issue a 450km / h in a 16-speed If you find a long straight road.
    But, this transmission clutch is slipping, it does not put out the maximum performance of the engine. I future, to improve and find the item of the clutch.
    Thank you

  4. dont work @ 1.14.2

  5. ThatSmexyUmbreonYT

    Play with the 15k engine on a warp of 5 SO FAST!!

    How to set warp:
    1: Ingame open console (if you have developer console on usually on)ẁith the key next to 1
    2: type in warp
    3: should say warp is set to 1-2
    4: type in warp 5 or setwarp_5 or warp_5
    5: bobs ya uncle

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