MAN F2000


MAN F2000 + Interior
Three types of cabins, three types of chassis, you can change the color …
Replaces: MAN (all)
Tested in version: 1.14.x
Author: Chech
Edit : Domas225

Edit: Domas225


6 thoughts on “MAN F2000

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    not good… many error :/

  2. the part never told: tested (WITH ERRORS)… in game.log.txt

    “Tested” is different that “made to”

  3. verry ####!!!!!

  4. I try change the cab in the truck dealer… the game crash, I also tried opening and see if I could solve the problem, but the file is a mess, it would take months to make it work properly.

  5. Teebeutelsauger

    Make it Error free and standalone

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