DAF XF Euro 6 High Power Engine


High Power Engine for DAF XF Euro 6 Truck

Author: zapenakpea


10 thoughts on “DAF XF Euro 6 High Power Engine

  1. just an example of ridiculous engine mods …

    this is what a 10,000 HP engine looks like

    C’mon people… I know this is a game and all but have mercy

    1. yes, that is a 20 cylinder engine with 4 turbos

      1. FUUUck me that thing will never fit in a truck lol oh and ###### mod moron

  2. author , you moron – it’s not possible! this truck is not f- 1 !!!

  3. ###????UNREAL ENGINES!

    1. these are made only for fun if you dont want them just dont download !

  4. Could you make a 2000 horsepower or more engine of Scania that can be used in version 1.14.2

  5. MonstersCat

    guys…not every mods that is made for this game is supposed to be realistic. Some people unlike you first few who commented, you know who you are, don’t like realism 24/7. We gotta have some fun with the game.

    1. Yes, I agree, realism has it’s place just like fantasy.
      My personal taste is not everyone’s ( thank the Devine )!
      Perhaps a new category for these ?

  6. Doesn’t work on Ets2 1.14.2

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