DAF XF Euro 6 Michael Schumacher Skin

michael-schumacher-1 michael-schumacher-2 michael-schumacher-3

”Michael Schumacher” skin for DAF XF EURO6
Get well soon Schumi….



5 thoughts on “DAF XF Euro 6 Michael Schumacher Skin

  1. Please please can you make it for the streamline. I don’t use rjl and i don’t drive Daf.

    Greats Dennis

  2. Yes, please for Scania Streamline. I am big fan Michael Schumacher

  3. spartacus33

    An amazing skin to remember an Amazing Driver champion !!!
    Thanks for that…

  4. polkinghorne

    outstanding work to a legend could you do a skin to mark the end of Jenson Button F1 ?? as im a great fan of his pls if possable

  5. Отшельник

    …Отличный скин… Браво… Семикратный чемпион Красный Барон всегда жив…

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