Volvo FH 2009 Tuning v 2.0

volvo-fh-2009-tuning-1 volvo-fh-2009-tuning-2 volvo-fh-2009-tuning-3

– Low chassis
– Trailer
– Paint job
– Plat
– Intrior
– Tuning intrior
– Wheel
– Ring
– Engine 9999 HP



3 thoughts on “Volvo FH 2009 Tuning v 2.0

  1. Military_Pig

    Турецкое дерьмо!

  2. ###### Turks, why the #### would you do truck so low and with 9999hp? You should stick to making kebabs, it’s the only thing you do right.

    1. Ahmet Özkul

      +ed You are ######. because youare still commenting to this shity mod and I say this in all trash mods, They are not Turkish style they are troll or something. Don feed this asholes. pass and dont download.

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