DAF XF Euro 6 Tuning mod


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Tuning mod for DAF XF Euro 6 Truck
Tested on 1.16.2 version

Authors: Čelik, Majza, Mayo, Rommi, Vlasta, SoLdier, SCS Software, KETS2I, Js SP.Tb, zzzzz_tuning and other


44 thoughts on “DAF XF Euro 6 Tuning mod

  1. The mod is totally great, but is it possible to remove front courtains by deleting some files in this mod? I mean, can it be removed without Blender/zModeler?

    1. Hi, Thank you 🙂
      .scs is unlocked, you removed, added and edited what do you want :). On edited .pmg files you need ZModeler or Blender. But it is sufficient you ZModeler 2. 🙂

  2. konečně zase nějakej skvělej mod na ůpravu kamionu jediné co mi chybí je zadní nárazník jinak není co vytknout díky

    1. Hi, Thank you Tomino 😉
      I’m sorry but rear bumper I don’t do it because I have ZModeler2 and in ZM2 a can’t open model this truck. Maybe later when I buy ZModeler3 🙂

      Ahoj, Děkuji moc Tomino 🙂
      Omlouvám se ale zadní nárazník nemůžu udělat protože mám Zmodeler2 a ne ZModeler3 a nemůžu tedy otevřít model tohohle tahače a upravit ho tak, že na něj dám ten nárazník. Možná časem až si koupím ZModeler3 🙂

      1. Paradní mod .. díky moc chlape, skvělá práce .. aneb český ručičky :))

        1. Díky chlape 🙂
          ale ještě mám v plánu více úprav, jak říkám, chci si koupit licenci na ZModeler3 abych mohl upravovat více mode tahače a třeba konečně udělat i lowdeck a nebo zadní nárazník 😛 😉

  3. deineMudda

    hei, i love this mod, really awesome!
    but on this one bulbar (with the daf logo, brand)
    there it is not able to put some lights on it. pls fix that and this would be the best mod in 2015 so far

    1. Hi, thank you 🙂
      okay, on next version I update this things. Thank you for your idea 🙂

      1. deineMudda

        no problem dude 🙂
        maybe a STIEL skin would be good too (on the one interior, there is a paper with the logo of STIEL)

  4. hi, could be nice to lowered the chassies. but i’m might try your mod

    1. Hi, lowered the chassies only this whells. I try to do it to next version 🙂 (https://ets2.lt/en/michelin-tires/)

      1. Link is dead, so i’ll wait the V2 🙂

  5. Celik, maybe I’m asking to much, but could you please make curtains optional (I love interiors, but without courtains on the front window) in the next version, so I can simply remove them? 🙂

    1. deineMudda

      just take a other sunshield 😉

      1. It’s not it – when I take some other sunshield, one of the great interiors disappears…Courtains are connected with interiors, and interiors are connected with sunshield, if you understand what I mean 🙂

        1. deineMudda

          ah yes. now i know.
          Dont understand why you dont like courtains, i never drive a truck without 😀

  6. Nice mod!!
    Can you add the kelsa bars?

    1. Hi, yes, in next update 🙂

  7. james tooey

    Celik, any chance yo can do one for scania trucks

  8. It works with daf 106 by ohaha? Please make it working with other mods for tuning and daf by ohaha.

    1. Hi, it works with his mod, my friend has mod from ohaha and my mod and it works but not on 100% 🙂

  9. Super mod! Thanks!

  10. Link on mediafire.com doesn´t work…

    1. It works….

  11. Lots of old format warnings for almost everything in your pack here, with that fixed and maybe some of those top bars without the lightboxes and this would be perfect 😀

    is the .pmg files open at all??

    1. Hi, yes there are lots of
      ” Model in old format detected ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/sunshield/daf_xf_euro6/sunshield_02.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!”
      but it’s all…. and I can’t do anything about it because I have ZModeler2. Yes all .pmg files by me are open 🙂

      1. Ok, tbh i dont notice any performance issues myself with it, just slightly annoying as it fills up the console a bit is all lol.

        are we ok to edit the pmg files and bits for personal use (NOT RELEASE)??

  12. Vzhledově to vypadá moc hezky,ale koukali jste někdo do game log.txt? Je tam strašně moc chyb..

    1. Ahoj,
      jediné chyby které tam jsou tak to jsou například Model in old format detected ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/sunshield/daf_xf_euro6/sunshield_02.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance! a to není problém, je to tím, že já dělám ZModeler2 a ne v ZModeler3 nebo v Blendru. Já s tím nemůžu nic dělat, to mají všichni co dělají v ZM2 🙂 Jinak na chod hry to nemá žádný vliv. Pak jsem tam našel jednu chybu v matu ale ve hře se to nijak neprojevuje 😉

  13. My game crash. When I try to select roof railing game crash.

    NEXT UPDATE/ fix it

    1. Hi, okay, and do you have only my tuningmod on DAF or any next mod on DAF? It’s very important!

      1. problem solved

      2. Please, add rear bumper with holland style. Like on this https://ets2.lt/en/scania-t-cab-pack-v-1-0/ Like on this scania T

  14. truckergeerard

    thanks great mod can you make sideskirts for scaniar???
    i have instant DAF BOUGHT (sorry for poor englisch)

  15. Cant extract the scs files, all the .dds textures are empty!!

    1. It is’t possible :O I check link…

  16. Richardh965

    very nice work but can you do an update that the foglishts are working in yellow or that they are normal white but nice job love the mod!!!

    Greets from Holland

  17. Richardh965

    very nice work but can you do an update that the foglishts are working in yellow or that they are normal white but nice job love the mod!!!

    Greets from Holland

    1. farming fan

      c’est un mod de la mort qui tue ! lol
      en bref il est super !!!

  18. Please make the mod 100% compatible with Ohaha’s DAF E6 in your next version, this mod is too awesome for not being completely compatible with Ohaha’s mod.

  19. the side skirt node isnt showing up in my game and i havent got any other tuning mods or daf mods turned on is there anyway to fix this ?

  20. Daf power


    Can you make a real Daf bumper back on the truck. with difrent mudflaps please. from daf to Stiholt in V2 of this awsome XF 😉 but when this V2 coming out?

    best Regard Daf Power!

  21. Prostě borec, borci, není co vytknout, parádní práce hoši, jen tak dál.:-)

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