DAF XF Euro6 Space Cab 1.0


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DAF XF Space Cab Euro6 V1.0
especially for fatbed trailers, transport containers or glass, with large airpipes and protections thereof, new lights in the cabin and new sound for the engine. New air intake for the engine refirgeration, and new stairs to climb trailer connections.

You can also load other types of trailers , but better with long chassis.

Coming soon more trucks by EMD Mod garge

EMD Mod Garage


5 Responses to DAF XF Euro6 Space Cab 1.0

  1. Diablo says:

    Test 1.24 Video on my Youtube Channel youtube.com/Rafał PL

  2. EMD Mod Garage says:

    I forgot to specify the version of the game, sorry .
    Thank you very much, for sharing in your youtube Diablo.
    A big hug !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Andrea says:

    Really great video and truck edit but I really wish it was more optimized. my mid-low pc kinda lags on it. I lose like 10fps. Very very nice truck please optimize it 😛

  4. Joe says:

    That’s a superb mod mate, I love that awesome reverse sound and the engine sound. Could you also make it with 8X4 chassis for heavy hauling? Thanks in advance.

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