DAF XF Open Pipe


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Two version of the mod:

– Normal
– Power Ed.

Normal: is an only sound mod

Power Ed: Adding 2 engine 620hp and 710hp (accurate specs.)




13 thoughts on “DAF XF Open Pipe

  1. Дебил.Со Сканиа срисовал.Лажа.

    1. Tribaltech

      you’re right aleksey, I was not able to develop a idle sound for this, i immediately start working to improve it, i apologize again.

      thanks for the criticism, but I’m not moron;)

  2. Great attempt, but I feel you need a bit more low end (bass) and a little less high end which I find annoying. A pipe sound should have a deep powerful tone. A wee bit of work and you’ll get it right.

    1. Tribaltech

      You are absolutely right, but I had considered this video, I thought you were nearby

  3. Tribaltech

    a fix soon, sorry please forgive me

  4. great sound especially the whistle tnx

  5. good job bro 🙂
    can you do it for volvo fh16 2013 please ?

    1. Tribaltech

      ohaha version you say?

      I’m going to make a new sound for all Volvo’s, ohaha v14 version included

  6. Thank’s Man, great sound!

  7. Grazie!

  8. Tribaltech

    sound update tonight, i’ve changed the idle and low rpm sound.
    thanks a lot for now

  9. pls fix the horn sound inside the cabin coz i cant hear the horn sound inside

    1. Tribaltech

      i gree, is all ready, Video & update1 tomorrow
      I fixed 5 problems, start sound, idle sound, low sound and new hair horn.

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