DAF XF Series L6 Open Pipe Sound


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Author: Yafet Rasta.Jr

DOWNLOAD 4 MB for 1.22 version
DOWNLOAD 4 MB for 1.19 – 1.21 versions

3 Responses to DAF XF Series L6 Open Pipe Sound

  1. Tommy says:

    That is a VERY NICE sound. There is sadly one minor problem and that’s the air-hydraulic shifter. It’s way to loud. Fix this and it’s near perfect. My background is I’m a retired proff truckdriver and handled DAF for 2 years 270000 km in all, so I pretty much handled all european truck types ex some british trucks and eastern somethings

  2. digby says:

    I really like the sound here. but unfortunately it crashes my game. doesn’t matter which version I try(no other sound mods0. Shame coz i’de really love this sound in game.

    • Michael says:

      +1, it is very hard to find quality sound to 1.22, so please debug.

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