DAF XF Sound

DAF XF Sound

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Tested version: 1.18
The hp of the Truck must be 510 hp, or the sound don’t work

Original author is ComandoreOne, dar4eto just edit


5 thoughts on “DAF XF Sound

  1. Faelandaea

    Just drove with this sound. I only encountered 1 error in the log but no crashes and she sounds beautiful. Great work. I’m on my way to work but once I get home I’ll post the error here.

    I recommend this sound for DAF lovers.

  2. Excellent sound, thank you.

  3. Please, how can I make this work for DAF XF 50k?

    1. Faelandaea

      Well, the error I was referring to earlier was this:

      load_unit() – Expected exactly one top-level unit in file (/def/vehicle/truck/daf.xf/sound/exterior_con.sii), got 2

      It doesn’t crash and the sound still sounds awesome, so I’ll Google later to figure out how to fix this.

      Andrew92 – I do not have the DAF XF from 50k (though I probably should – he does awesome quality work). But in general you can open the DEF file for the engine and associate it with the 50K DAF by looking up the 50K DAF’s DEF file to find its internal name, then using that internal name to make a “suitable for” line in the engine file.

      I probably made that sound confusing, but when you open the engine’s DEF file and see the “suitable for” line, just copy that to a new line and change the truck name to whatever the 50K DAF is called and yer set.

      What that will do is enable you to buy the new engine with this sound for the 50K DAF.

  4. Why are skins in this soundpack and useless sii files ???

    Why do you use dozens of definitions for just one sound?

    Last but not least … some sound parts are from Kriechbaum 😉

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