DAF XF Sound Update v1.0


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DAF XF Sound Update :
* Realistic gear air sound
* New realistic blinker sound
* New realistic startup engine
* Lots of more
* Included tire noise by Katixa (Irreo)

The hp of the truck must be 510 hp, or the sound won’t WORK!

Original author is ComandoreOne, dar4eto edit files, tire noise by Irreo


5 thoughts on “DAF XF Sound Update v1.0

  1. thamishetty

    my god superb sound indicator nd horn sounds very very good thnks a lot authors of this

  2. I don’t known to fix the truck problem to work in all HP’s. Besides that, truck work only at 510 hp. Enjoy 😀

    1. LucianMihai

      Mind posting the log file ? Might be able to spot the problem,cheers.

  3. Hello!

    I own an 510 hp DAF XF Super Space, but the sound doesn’t work. I hear only the default daf sound. Patch…

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