DAF XF Truck with New rear Bumper

Authors: Lhools, Savoyard Custom


9 Responses to DAF XF

  1. BasH says:

    Is this for 50k’s DAF?

  2. blackheaven14 says:

    do so it works on 50ks daf 🙂

  3. ashherah says:

    please add this bumper to scania t1.4 as an addon!! that is all this truck is missing!!

  4. ashherah says:

    also link is dead /:

  5. Raoul says:

    I can download it now.

  6. Raoul says:

    I have downloaded the link but when I start the game and activate the mod. And I go to my truck, the bumper is not there and I can not plug it up when I go to the garage.

  7. DMiloslav says:

    Unfortunately for me Daf 50keda nefunguje.Mám there is still the standard bumper. Help please. Thank you.

  8. Bigshaq says:

    Link is good ! we work on base scs not for the daf 50k ! Savoyard Custom

  9. xXTruckerXx says:

    rear bumper for volvo fh 2012?

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