DAF XF95 Euro 3


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– Its Interior;
– The sounds;
– Metallic Support;
– Support for DLC in interior accessories;
– 2 cabin Type Space Cab and Super Space Cab;
– 7 Type chassis
– Wrapping the wheels (50K)
– 4 visor under SC and SSC
– 4 Baffle
– 4 blades in the bag
– 4 side curtains
– Top sleeping bag
– 4 type spoiler
– Wings
– Stickers on the wall of the cockpit the speed limit
– Sign on the wings of that truck without a trailer
– 20 license plate numbers of countries
Off – grid
– Original radio
– Mini fridge under spalink
Panel (wooden,plastic)
– Front mudflaps
– Foglights
– Overhead frame for headlights
– 4 types of seats (original,original leather case,full leather)
– Sticker “XF”(white and black)
– Lamps Of The Road Train
– Sign ADR (indoor,outdoor)
– Rust on the bumper
– CB Radio

The salon doesn’t like HDR (For an enjoyable game should be to turn it off)

50keda,by_Lexa,NevesuMatlez,SCS,RJL,Eugene Semeniuk,Kriechbaum, Commandoreone, Slash, Nikita Zhulkov and many others




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23 thoughts on “DAF XF95 Euro 3

  1. Mother of god! This is AWESOME! Good job!

  2. video please?

  3. Test 1.23.02s HD I have a problem with the collision See if in you too?

  4. Please make the version with the like HDR interior. 🙂

  5. Really NICE!!!!! Recommended for all truck fans 🙂 pls add more interior stuff for the front window 🙂

  6. Please , please … make a version for 1.22

  7. I have this problem too. Pleas fixt that and the problem with HDR. PLEAS 🙂

  8. Drive Safely

    Probably the best rendition of the DAF XF 95 so far. Definitely keen on trying this out soon 🙂


    your are the boss of daf xf 95 modding

    ypu can make real inetior of daf cf with your experiance

  10. any chance for a ##### windshield?

  11. Wow. Nice truck
    But why interior is so dark? It makes me delete this mod.

    1. Indeed, everything which is not good to this truck is that the cabin is too dark, and the dashboard instruments light display, including the GPS, are too extinguished. A little bit more light on these instruments and GPS, would make this truck, perfect.

  12. Not compatible with https://ets2.lt/en/mercedes-benz-actros-mp1/ , replaces some parts.

  13. Will you fix the HDR? Also it would be great if you make the truck #####.

  14. FragmaniaGame

    1080p HD Test Video:https://youtu.be/ZxG7VUoIbvk

  15. Truck is great,but the interior is to dark,i don’t see nothing,please fix this major problems!

  16. i dont understand, YES you have made a fantastic DAF mod, but the last video that was uploaded is from ANOTHER mod.

  17. super daf taki sam jak jaźiłem w realu tylko jedna rzecz którą musisz dopracować to jest drążek od tempomatu ten przy kierownicy a retarder w dafie jest na włącznik(guzik) a tak to daf odwzorowany w 99,9% tylko brakuje tego drążka i zmień jego wygląd na wygląd z dafa 95 bo ten jest z 105. pozdrawiam

  18. Бля почему нету Азербайджанские номера почемуууу и тёмное интерьер

  19. Jest szansa na update do 1.28 i dlc daf tuning?

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