DAF XG+ Addon Chassis FIX MOD

Hello I am Love Gaming Ema,
I am happy to create mods for you.
i understood what was the problem,
i put a lock with the password in the
mod and apparently it was not good
because i was doing it with winrar,
now it works perfectly.

Thanks for waiting:
FIX mod 20.06.2021
This mod adds new chassis,
sorry if I make some mistakes
but I’m a new modder so I’m still learning,
I worked many hours on this mod,
I hope it works for you because on my Daf
it works perfectly, do not comment negatively
if my mod does not like it, if you have any problems
write me so i can solve them, thanks everyone for the support!

For any questions look for me on youtube!


Love Gaming Ema


One thought on “DAF XG+ Addon Chassis FIX MOD

  1. Bit of constructive critiscism for you .

    What you have there is not a 6x chassis its far too long it looks like you just threw another axle on the back of it . Compare your 6x with any other scs 6x and you will see the truck stays the same length more or less . On yours the 5th wheel is so far back the trailer to cab width is enormous . You really need to put some more time into adapting the chassis and sideskirts to enable you to fit the extra axle .

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