Mercedes-Benz W212 2016 E63 AMG S V4 1.40 & 1.41


– Major edits and fixes
– Fixed headlights
– New physics
– New sound
– Re-textured interior and exterior
– Added more rims
– Reconfigured engine (realistic specifications)
– Reconfigured transmission (realistic specifications)
– Reconfigured chassis (realistic specifications)
– Reconfigured tachometer animation and indicator delay

Compatible with both game versions as of now (1.40) & (1.41)

Special thanks to Azorax Modding


Azorax Modding, Nimit, Kevin


14 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz W212 2016 E63 AMG S V4 1.40 & 1.41

  1. araç oyun içinde küçük gözüküyor. boyutlandırması ayarlanırsa oynanabilir

  2. abi lütfen fiat linea yaparmısınız

  3. Stephen Pullen

    Thank you so much for allowing SCS plates to slot to the car. Many people who make cars for both ETS and ATS don’t seem to understand this.

  4. Where can I buy it for the game? it’s loaded but I can’t find it

    1. Click on “Mod Dealer” and navigate to Mercedes-Bens dealer.

  5. Enes Shabanali

    I seed one mistake it’s the screen in speedomether can you make the original screen

  6. araç çok iyi çok güzel ama yüksek süratlarda titriyor,280km/h dan sonra basmaya korkuyo insan, arba titrediği için kayıyo araba

  7. robixs5055

    It’s a very nice mod, the car is enjoyable!

  8. I love this Mod i guess its the best i´ve ever seen <3

  9. Hi, beautiful car, but i can’t enjoy it, i don’t hear engine sound, have installed promods, it’s that a problem cause of that?

  10. Millennium

    I’m in love 😻 with I have tested it , I also love the sound, may you creat a Mercedes benz G63 for us

  11. render1967

    Hi! Can you use this free 3D model for next your project? –

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