DAF XG/XG+ Addons v2 1.42

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Standard scs trucks applied on

☑Added Low Chasis 4×2

☑Added Bumper Chasis 4×2

☑Added Low Chasis 6×2

☑Added Chasis 6x2_6x4_Taglift

☑Added Front Glass sticker

☑Added Front Logo 6 color option

☑Added Front Botomgrill

☑Added Front Bumper paint

☑Added Front Painted parts

☑Added Frontgrill lowcab

☑Added Rear bumper 6 variant

☑Added F light top 3 variant

☑Added Yellow Headlight

☑Added Sideskirt bar

☑Added Cabgrill

☑Added Rear Chs Cover

☑Added Rear Mudflap

☑Added R Deflector 3 variant+slot

☑Added Rear Backlight

☑Added Front bumber light

☑Added Front botomgrill

☑Added Frontgrill

☑Added Front fender paint

☑Added Rear fender paint

☑Added Roofgrill

☑Added New Rearmudflaps

☑Added new Stoneguard

☑Added new Sunshield

☑Added Windowtrim

☑Added Doorstep light

☑Added Stickers

☑Added Rear exhaust 6 variant

☑Added Photo People 6 variant


please mod take it to the top

Tested 1.42-1.43

Enjoy the mod!

Please don’t reupload, keep the original link. Thank you.




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  1. 1.43 pls

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