DAF XG/XG+ Addons v2 1.42

Standard scs trucks applied on

☑Added Low Chasis 4×2
☑Added Bumper Chasis 4×2
☑Added Low Chasis 6×2
☑Added Chasis 6x2_6x4_Taglift
☑Added Front Glass sticker
☑Added Front Logo 6 color option
☑Added Front Botomgrill
☑Added Front Bumper paint
☑Added Front Painted parts
☑Added Frontgrill lowcab
☑Added Rear bumper 6 variant
☑Added F light top 3 variant
☑Added Yellow Headlight
☑Added Sideskirt bar
☑Added Cabgrill
☑Added Rear Chs Cover
☑Added Rear Mudflap
☑Added R Deflector 3 variant+slot
☑Added Rear Backlight
☑Added Front bumber light
☑Added Front botomgrill
☑Added Frontgrill
☑Added Front fender paint
☑Added Rear fender paint
☑Added Roofgrill
☑Added New Rearmudflaps
☑Added new Stoneguard
☑Added new Sunshield
☑Added Windowtrim
☑Added Doorstep light
☑Added Stickers
☑Added Rear exhaust 6 variant
☑Added Photo People 6 variant

please mod take it to the top

Tested 1.42-1.43

Enjoy the mod!
Please don’t reupload, keep the original link. Thank you.



6 thoughts on “DAF XG/XG+ Addons v2 1.42

  1. one word –super– 🙂

    1. Blade1974


  2. Lazzar-one

    First of all thank you for the work done for the DAF XG, but if you allow me with this “update” you have removed features that were present in version 1.41, such as the mufflers and the lights behind the cab deflector ……
    If I can I ask you if it is possible for you to restore them on version 1.42 and some improvements such as the double towing axle and the double traction, it would be nice to also have a rear view camera, useful for hooking up trailers.
    Thanks for being the only one developing addons for this neglected tractor, good job. !!

    1. Blade1974

      I will evaluate what you said in the next version, thanks my friend, have a good game

  3. good day everybody . how do you get the yellow light off. because regardless of whether standard or xenon, the lamps illuminate yellow everywhere. please fix. Thanks very much

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