Dangerous turn lights for Version 1.24.XX


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Here you have a mod already quite old, but at the time my partner Solaris36, did the favor of change.
In the video you can see how even in daylight They look.

File weight: 509 Kb

Author of the original mod: satan 1990 Modified by: Solaris 36


4 thoughts on “Dangerous turn lights for Version 1.24.XX

  1. Trucker_Bob

    that whip sound hahaha hught-shhh! Generroooooh..

  2. Спасибо! Хороший мод.

  3. not a compatible with scandinavia dlc and crash

  4. TY but in my pc the plates are birhgt red

    00:25:50.110 : [fs] Failed to open file “/automat/fd/77e2a90b33dc582dabbb43fc72b30fe6ee7d03.mat” in the read_only mode
    00:25:50.111 : [material] Can not open ‘/automat/fd/77e2a90b33dc582dabbb43fc72b30fe6ee7d03.mat’

    Position : -38585.7 85.331 -30037.8
    Position: -41646.8 92.1373 -29278.5

    could fix?

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