Danilson Mod 2


This mod add:
1. Bulagrian currency.
2. New economy.
3.Real exchage rates in the game.
4. New police fineses(in Bulgaria).
5. New semaphore rules.
6. New bank rate and rise. For rise must start new game.
7. Real price in gas stations.
8. More realistic price for all trucks.
9. More realistic price for all tuning and base parts.
10. More AI traffic.
11. Add new price coeficients for all standart and high power cargos

Version: 1.0

Danilson TM Studio LTD
Sofia, Bulgaria

Author: Danilson TM Studio Ltd


3 thoughts on “Danilson Mod 2


    Българи ЮНАЦИ!

  2. DanielGamer22

    Добре,че сме хие Българите

  3. Georgi Pamyatnih

    не мога да го сваля нещо

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