Dashboard for MAN TGX


Tested in version 1.12.x

Credit: Fred_be
The download link of the INFO SCREEN is in the Readme


5 thoughts on “Dashboard for MAN TGX

  1. Sergiu TGA

    I wish that you could do this dashboard for all trucks. It’s a great ideea.

  2. Good stuff!

  3. don’t work for me game 1.12 stock MAN , the INFO display crash the game once selected in the UPGRADE section , also the MAN truck from the same link provided in read-me doesn’t work , only the dashboard works ..I wish I could have the INFO screen working as MAN is my fav truck .

  4. correction , the MAN_TGX_by_ohaha , dashboard works ..only the INFOSCREEN crashes the game once selected from the purchase menu 🙁

  5. How get big display which is on right side can anyone give me a link for downlaod that mod i not need gauges i need dispaly on right side where is navigation

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