Dashboard GPS

Dashboard GPS (1) Dashboard GPS (3) Dashboard GPS (2)

Dashboard gps background mod for all Trucks
Just a small mod, but better than black GPS navi

Author: Truck3rzz


7 thoughts on “Dashboard GPS

  1. RetroSpectre

    Will this work for any American truck mod’s GPS’s as well?

    1. Truck3rzz

      Yes it should work on american trucks, as long as it has priority over any interior mods….

      1. RetroSpectre

        Oh okay thanks man! But one question. Besides selecting it in the mod menu, how do I actually see it in game? I switched all the GPS screen options but this screen will not show up. An suggestions?

  2. Truck3rzz

    This mod is only for a trucks interior dashboard gps, will not work for onscreen route advisor map.
    If u have dashboard gps within truck and this gps not showing up then u might have another mod overriding this one… just set this as highest priority in mod manager to find out.

  3. Truck3rzz

    #### i forgot to pack the .sii file into the scs…. Download from this link >>>>>>

  4. j ai essayer le mod tous seul en 1.18 sur volvo 2009 apparament ca marche pas sais peut etre pour 1.19 ?

  5. I press download and at the end comes no file….

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