DB schenker Train Skin & Train Sound


The Train Finally gets what deserve…
Their Skin & Their lovely sound.
Password is in Readme.txt

Author: Nikola Kostovski


6 Responses to DB schenker Train Skin & Train Sound

  1. ebora says:

    and how do we open the txt file if it’s in the zipped file which needs THE password?

  2. NikolaKostovski says:

    The readme.txt is not locked with password…

  3. v8 says:

    sta password allora come n.. k.. 1994 da error

  4. marcelofs says:

    is very difficult, add sound alarm at level crossings?
    Each country has a different alarm sound, but a sound generic, is better than nothing.
    The most traditional, I’ve heard is the French.
    Exists the variable “country”, and which can be assigned to each country, but it is a difficult job.
    The train sound right. But he lacks the horn … that would be great!
    Bye, Marcelo.

  5. Branko says:

    Friendly advice: remove password protection. ETS2 modding is hard enough for majority of ppl and this only complicates its use.
    I didn’t had any problem with installation and use of this kind of mod, but these are not sensitive and personal information or something similar.
    Thank you for this mod.

  6. bg sum says:

    Nikola moje li skaipa ti

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