DC-Monster Energy T800v2.1+American Trailer Combo Skin Pack 01


Hey guys, I decided to make a Monster Energy combo skin pack. File includes paint shop skin for the T800v2.1 and includes the skinned American trailer. Both skins done by me (David Corley) and trailer mod is by stewowe. You will need to download the Kenworth T800v2.1 separately. Tested on 1.18. Special thanks to Monster Energy skinners I saw on ETS2.lt as well as me seeing some cool real life Monster Energy trucks online. Also special thanks to stewowe for his wonderful American trailer and also to DB3, Dmitry68, Stels, OQ37, Ventyres, Kriechbaum for the fantastic T800. Great job guys!!

T800 Skin & Trailer Skin – David Corley; Trailer Mod – stewowe


3 Responses to DC-Monster Energy T800v2.1+American Trailer Combo Skin Pack 01

  1. harry says:

    was wondering if you could make a willey sanders skin for this truck please would love to have it in my fleet thank you sorry if this is the wrong place for this

  2. Paul says:

    this does not work for me

  3. deano says:

    can’t get my template to load into ets2 studio, says “wrong key ets… can you help?

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