Deleted trailers by SCS

Mod deletes trailers by SCS as well as from DLC.
Tested on 1.28

Version for ATS: DOWNLOAD

SCS, SlavikSD


6 thoughts on “Deleted trailers by SCS

  1. Digital X

    So does this delete trailers in the game, or brings back trailers that were deleted by SCS? the description and image confuse me, they co-inflict.

    1. This mod removes the trailers SCS. To work correctly with other trailers packs connect this mod below.

      1. Hmmm, strange…Shouldn’t this mod get higher priority than other trailer mods?

        1. If you connect the mod above the other mod packs cargoes in these packs will not work trailers with the default cargo.

          1. I understand now, thank you for your reply!

  2. How on earth do you activate this mod coz its not scs files its all like SII files and that?

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