Delivery distance change

Delivery distance change

Sometime, when I get maximal skill of long delivery distance, I want to stay in some region of map.
I like France of ProMODS map, but long distance dispatches me on other map edge – I don’t want It.

This mod can change maximal distance independently of your skill.
Now it stay on 650 km. You can change it parameter if you know how.

This mod uses undeclared parameter of “skill_distance” and decrease cargo validity time from 30 hours to 6 hours, than cargo changed.

Keep warning. This mod begin work when all cargo time is out. You may to sleep or going somewhere.
But until cargo time is over – new cargo distance not appear.

Tested on 1.19 and may work on older version ETS2 too.

Author: piva


16 Responses to Delivery distance change

  1. Gnitto says:

    nice, i like short jobs! will try this.

  2. dctoe says:

    I hate getting locked into long jobs. I’ve had to keep my long distance rating at zero just to keep some short hauls. Cannot wait to try this! Thanks!

  3. Faelandaea says:

    I’ll definitely check this out. I had made my own mod, but when I dumped 6 points into LD, ETS2 started ignoring my stuff because SCS hard coded the game to remove any distance limits once 6 points were dumped in, so for me to remain “local” I created a new profile and had to just ignore putting any points into LD at all.

    If this mod actually forces the game to ignore the hard coded limit removal, then this will be a good download.

    • piva says:

      I have no one profile but sometime I want long diantance, sometime no đŸ™‚

  4. hitman822 says:

    Nice mod. Just wish I could manipulate the game to where you can make delivery times a bit longer then already placed. I have no problem making the delivery times, but I feel rushed all the time if I decide to pull over for pics or to enjoy sites on a map. If anyone has figured how to, please let me know. All other of my attempts to make changes to the delivery times, the game over looks the economy file and I’m back to the norm. So any help is much appreciated.

    • piva says:

      I not tested buy if yo wnad more time fr delivery in economy_data.sii (in this mod) you can change some of parameters
      Increase max delivery overtime
      late_delivery_max_overtime[0]: 2880 # 2 days for “easy” deliveries
      late_delivery_max_overtime[1]: 720 # 12 hours for “normal” deliveries
      late_delivery_max_overtime[2]: 240 # 4 hours for “urgent” deliveries

      Reduce average speed for calulation time to deliver
      simulation_avg_speed: 62.0 # km/h

      increase delivery window waiting cargo
      delivery_window[0]: 400 # easy
      delivery_window[1]: 250 # medium
      delivery_window[2]: 90 # hard

      reduce delivery coefficients
      delivery_window_coef[0]: 1.0 # easy
      delivery_window_coef[1]: 1.15 # medium revenue coef
      delivery_window_coef[2]: 1.4 # hard

      this values from default economy_data.sii you can change it by himself

      • piva says:

        It’s enough

        simulation_avg_speed: 42.0 # km/h

      • hitman822 says:

        Thanks alot. I’ll take what you’ve placed on here and make the necessary changes. Thanks again for your help.

  5. Guido says:

    It’s a great mod, but How can I change the delivery distance from 650 km to a number longer or shorter than that? Reply please.

    Thank you

    • piva says:

      To change distance – change 650 to distance you want

      skill_distance[0]: 650
      skill_distance[1]: 650
      skill_distance[2]: 650
      skill_distance[3]: 650
      skill_distance[4]: 650
      skill_distance[5]: 650
      skill_distance[6]: 650

      • Guido says:

        I changed the delivery distance, but when I open ETS2, the mod isn’t compatible. Could you make a video or something to know how to change the delivery???

        Sorry if I have poor english.

        • piva says:

          You need time for game generationg new cargo list. At least 6 hours

          • Guido says:

            I mean the mod when I changed the distance delivery, it turned incompatible.I don’t know what is the mistake I make, but Could you make another mod like this but with 250 km ( the first skill distance) Maybe you know I mean. If you can’t do it, it doesn’t care. Reply

            Thank you

          • Guido says:

            PD: The mod doesn’t work. I can’t see it in the Mod Manager.

  6. Guido says:

    PD: When I changed the distance. I forgot to put that. XD

  7. profi says:

    Do you have this mod? Because i want to download but its not file

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