Deluxe Tuning Pack | For All Truck and All Versions


For All Truck and All Versions



14 thoughts on “Deluxe Tuning Pack | For All Truck and All Versions

  1. hodgson61paul

    Thanks ive been waiting for someone to do a mod like this thankyou

  2. the mod does not work game keeps crashing when I ne other scnania the cabin or otherwise use the truck’s right shame hope ment better thank you

  3. what kind of “addons hookups.sii” should be that this is working??? does this work with Kyto’s Megastore???

  4. As I can see, 90% of this mod credit is belong to maghetto. Whats the changelog
    It would be a great mod if merged with kyto’s mega store

  5. hi Bilinmiyor. what to make out the beacon version on your picture me as einzellen can you tell me the password in blue but please without the scs file

  6. this ##### put all mods that he could find into a folder and call this #### “deluxe”

    gtfo #####

  7. Hi !

    Most of the Mods are NOT working with the current Version 1.7 ! And the mods are alos not compatible with each other. You better overwork this Modpacket before you upload it 😉

    1. Danke für den Hinweis, Maxx 😉 Dann unterbreche ich den Download mal wieder… 😀

      1. habe patch 1.7 aber wenn ich im shop bin stürzt es immer ab warum nur ?

  8. trucker richy

    crashes my game. Shame really because it looked ok, oh well *pours another beer * cheers lol

    Trucker Richy 🙂

  9. First ferarri and lamoborghini wheels on truck that’s disgusting. Second thing attaching led lights on mask via bottombar is totally wrong! Cabin and chassis are two separate models, and when you hit the brakes all parts you attached via bottombar just hang in the air like they are not attach to it. Third thing light mask for lights are awful.

  10. samuelchoi

    well some of it;s parts don’t work with tsm 5.3
    plz make those part to work with tsm 5,3

  11. I cant extract!
    Can anyone help me?

  12. Joe the gamer

    “All versions”, really? This ###### mod crashes my game on version 1.24.x. Anyway, it’s just a collection of old tuning mods. The Lamborghini wheels on a truck are looking disgusting xD…
    Sorry, but “your mod” (it’s not your mod) is just a reupload…
    You’re not a modder…
    The conclusion: DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS ####!!!!!!!!

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