Deposits 35% Extra Fuel by Rockeropasiempre Ets2 V 1.35.XX

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Update of mod. Now with more deposit capacity.


– Modified the capacity of 111 tanks of the game, adding an additional 35% extra fuel capacity and Adblue.
– Add the deposits, do not replace them.
– You can use any original chassis of the game, or that of the mod, which is usually always below the original, with a small icon that indicates that this deposit has room for 35% more fuel.
– All files of the deposits, have been carefully expanded 35% more fuel and Adblue mathematically.
– For the trucks of the game that use the AdBlue additive, that 35% has been distributed in equal parts so you do not run out of additive.
– It also serves for the chassis 8×4 of Scania R 2016 and Scania S 2016.


– Updated to the new version 1.35
– Deleted old files.
– Corrected the invalid pmg files of geometry
– Modified the necessary files for its correct operation.

Author: Rockeropasiempre
Weight of the file: 5.3 Mb




7 thoughts on “Deposits 35% Extra Fuel by Rockeropasiempre Ets2 V 1.35.XX

  1. I do not know what exactly needs to be adapted, but this MOD works perfectly with version 1.34. Thanks, Rocker !!

  2. Monkey lover

    ### even a monkey could do this mod!

    1. Rockeropasiempre

      Pues ponte manos a la obra, y tal vez, tengas que pedir ayuda a alguien mas de tus amigos o conocidos, me parece demasiado trabajo para ti, querido monkey lover.

      Un saludete campeon, y a trabajar, que falta te hace, mas trabajar y menos criticar lo que construyen los demás majete.

    2. Why do not you do something, a little monkey?
      Or maybe you’re flying on a high geo-stationary orbit, and are you over these things. ?
      It’s easy not to respect the work of other people.
      Can You Make 75% Extra Fuel for Me? Go ahead, do it, my dear little monkey.

  3. Jose Antonio Olmos Repiso


  4. i realy like this mod

    but for 1.37 it needs a update,it’s still working, but the front of my truck is disappearing when using the mod.

    1. also it’s not working with the new volvo dlc

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