deTbiT Bus Terminal v 1.0

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Passenger Mod for Bus and Minibus.

Select suited ghost trailers for your vehicle and ready to go.

Compitable for original map with map DLCs which Going East, Scandinavia, Italy and France.

– Replaces all the bus stops and terminals as Bus Company. You can always find a job.
– Use Cargo Market for taking jobs.
– Sound ambient added for big terminals.
– 7 different ghost trailer ready in trailer dealer for different buses.
– Try different trailers for another buses. We can always make fixes for buses which is not suit for any trailer.

– Tested vehicles:
Type A: Scania Touring
Type B: Mercedes O403 (with fix), Paradiso G7 1600 LD (with fix), Otokar Sultan, Renault Master, Man Lions Coach by Kadir Yağız
Type C: Mercedes Tourismo 2018 17 RHD by Comodore (with fix), Temsa Prestij
Type D: Mercedes Tourismo 2018 16 RHD by Comodore (with fix)
Type E: Mercedes O362 Monobloco, Modesa Zeus 3 DD, Man Fortuna
Type F: Karsan Jest, Magirus M2000, WalksVagen Crafter, Ford Transit 2010, Ford Transit 2015
Type G: Fiat Ducato

Place above the bus mods in mod manager.

Compatible for: 1.32.x



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33 thoughts on “deTbiT Bus Terminal v 1.0

  1. Hello, how is the loading order of the mod? please.

    1. Doesn’t matter but place above the bus mod for to be sure it’s ok.

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  3. i use 1.32 and for me game crashes..

    1. If you paste your game log I can tell you what mod causes the crash.

      1. HOW TO CONTACT U?

  4. Work ,but loading, unloading and passangers don’t appear

    enter on stations and tha’s it

    say pmd or sothing can’t read ,sorry my english

    1. Did you attach trailer? You can watch my video to get the idea of how is it work.

  5. here is a link to my geme log

    1. Looks like you don’t have Italy DLC. I think this is the problem so I have to release non-DLC version of this mod.

      1. yes this is the only dls that i dont have

  6. not compatible with Mario map . 1,32 or?

    1. Just the original map with DLCs for now. But I am planing to make it works on many maps.

  7. I assume this won’t support promods, right?

    1. Since the promods not released for 1.32 no, not for now.

  8. Hallo, funktioniert nur zum Teil – wird im Frachtmarkt angezeigt, aber ohne Icon. Wenn ich am Bus Terminal bin und in die Aufträge gehe, wird permanent nix gefunden – DLCs sind alle vorhanden! Bitte beheben

    1. Hast du deinen Anhänger an den Bus angeschlossen?

      1. okay, danke für den Tipp! funktioniert

  9. Help 🙁

    I can´t take any job, when I reach to the right area to load passengers those passengers not appear, is empty , even when I bought ghost trailers… And I don´t understand what I did Wrong PLEASE HELP T_T

    Note: I´m testing without mods, only the vehicles that describe in the page

    1. Did you take the job at the entrance of the terminal first?

  10. I decided to release v1.1 which is seperated files for DLCs. So everyone will be able to use it even if they don’t have any map DLCs.

    1. thank you for your support!

  11. Very good mod. It works great

  12. Hi ,ok the reason the passangers not appear is, on graffic settings
    you need to put pedestrians on.
    Was my problem I tested.

  13. katie08cd

    thank you work on G7 1200 PARADISO (DEALER SCANIA) video test on soon

    thank u indeed

  14. katie08cd

    test video italian tutorial

  15. This is amazing work, amazing thank you so much my guy. For improvements sake 1st trailer works fine but 6th to last bus js not stable. Wen reversing there’s a shadowy trailer it hooks the bus on 1 side and i hop u make it compatible with rusmap an others otherwise for me a bus lover PEERFEEECT. LOVE YOUR WORK PLIZ PLZ KIP THIS UP

    1. That’s why I created different ghost trailers. One of them should fit for the vehicle so we can use many buses with this mod. Even if any bus can’t fit, we can make a fix for that model. Just let me know if there is any bus doesn’t work well.

  16. Where can I put the extract file of detbit bus terminal in orginal game file?

  17. How to eneble the bus terminal in game file? Help me

  18. hello,

    with the last version of the mod and the game in v 1.35, my bus (scania touring) falls through the road (tested near Marseille).

    I have the whole official DLC and no other mods except yours and the scania touring mod

    It always works well before… Can you help me ?

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