Detroit-D 8V92 sound mod Final for W900A


Hi all, after working on it, i am happy to share with you my final
sound mod for the Ken W900A.

Sound files are new (based on a true 8V92 engine sound) Idle sound is
new too.
The tachometer is more accurate now when driving.
For the best sound experience, it’s better to stay between 1400 and
1800 rpm, it’s the best way to enjoy the engine sound. For those who
are using automatic shifting gears, that will not be as good as showed
on the video, because the auto shifts too early, and at “low” rpm’s.
So it’s time to go on MANUAL SHIFTING 🙂

As the previous mod, it’s a ALL IN ONE mod, my sound is already
included in the truck mod, just put it in your “mod” folder and run
it. Of course delete the older version of my mod if you already have

Enjoy 🙂



12 thoughts on “Detroit-D 8V92 sound mod Final for W900A

  1. Hi Kriechbaum I be using the kennworth for the last few days and let me tell you that’s the most complete truck I have seen and used in this game. I’m very happy with the sound,driving physics, seating and camera position nearly everything. What’s lacking is he engine power it should have around 1000hp+, the interior fan is useless and the instruments need a bit of tweeking for better reading those gauges, maybe a few more tuning and skin options as well but all this is minor compared with other trucks so don’t bother with sound anymore its fine, give as a better engine that would be great.

    Thanks for those great mods and happy trucking HJV

    1. The truck part is not his work only the sound. But I agree the truck needs an upgrade!

  2. stop making spaceship noises

  3. kriechbaum

    HJV, thank you.

    And for Zubees, listen to that spaceship engine sound :


  4. kriechbaum

    Same truck with a 850hps engine option with 4000Nm torque.

    1. Thanks Kriechbaum I’m just downloading it and I hope I have a little bit more power. I’m using only kenworth in my game now I replaced all 39 trucks and its working great. With that new engine I hopefully can use now those heavy cargo as well.

      Thanks and keep’m coming HJV

  5. You know that you have started an American truck trend for sound! Maybe scs will add your idea to the American truck SIM in the future. I am building your files as separate profiles for the different maps because I’m in the USA and it turns this SIM as close to USA trucking as it gets until secs launches the next game. Many thanks and keep developing those sounds.

  6. hey I have the wW900a mod for and the engine mod both checked on mod menu but the sound is not working it still soaund like an ISX Cummins or some kind of v8 not a Detroit Diesel

  7. This mod works on update 1.7 by scs.

  8. kriechbaum

    Hi Brooke, i said MANY times that my mod is a ALL IN ONE mod.

    That means what? That means that you have the truck + the sound together.

    So, you need nothing more than my MOD, if you already have the W900A truck, delete it, and use mine, ALL IS READY

    See u.

  9. Thanks for all your work mate.Great sound.

    We just need a brave soul to finish the trucks exterior and I wont need to drive anything else.

  10. Fulltilt503

    Video of truck and sound:

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