DHL Scania S Series Skin by MTGD-Mods© (fixed)


This is just a simple skin that I made and decided to share it. The skin file is locked since I don’t want people re-using my work (no matter how simple it is)
The previous (broken) one has been removed but I’m reuploading this fixed one since it was removed (for no reason).
This is a fictional skin (stating this for a certain someone who was adamant that DHL have no S Series Scanias, way to state the obvious)
Do not re-upload this mod without my permission.
For any enquiries contact me at [email protected]
Please enjoy the mod even though it’s simple.
The mod is locked by the way, if you want to complain don’t bother since I won’t unlock it, just learn to make your own.
IMPORTANT: This skin works for Rizal’s Scania S Series Mod (not sure if it’s still available on



4 thoughts on “DHL Scania S Series Skin by MTGD-Mods© (fixed)

  1. Your jokes do not like (you are getting the wrong person)
    If you mean did I learn that I’m doing, but not from your skins
    watch the video if you are good:

    remember that you’ve learned watching the skins of other authors
    and you also have to thank ETS2studio that gave you the ability to create your masterpieces very easily

    1. ThePartyCat

      zoso you are pushing my patience.

      I was taught by a friend via teamviewer.

      I didn’t have to steal people’s skins and learn off them, I just make them, that’s it, I can’t explain how I do them because I’d rather spend my time doing something more useful.

      Please appreciate that I put time into these skins even if they are quick to make.

      So instead of acting like you know everything about skins, keep it to yourself, make some, upload some AND STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT MINE IF YOU THINK YOU’RE SO GOOD!

      Anyway, Merry Christmas

  2. billy bob

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  3. SeanHoyle

    This is one #### mufafaking truck <3

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