DHL Skin for Scania RJL v 2.2 and Bussbygg addon v 1.0 by BKC

Skin for scania rjl v2.2,
Works only on topline cab,
Lightbox works if you use the Powerkasi addon 1.1.4,
The skins fo the bdf addon and for the trailer are provided in dds file that needs to be placed into the mod, you will find a “read me” file into the download,
Respect my work, if share keep the original link,
Follow my page for more awesome skins:



14 thoughts on “DHL Skin for Scania RJL v 2.2 and Bussbygg addon v 1.0 by BKC

  1. nice1

  2. what is Scania and trailer,give a link

    1. TheGreenlightTrucker


      But i cant found the trailer for 1.28.

    2. lovely skin, but as mentioned above
      with the trailer it would be awesome…
      is it a paid mod ? , haven’t seen that trailer anywhere
      (if it works with the new feature I would like to get it somehow)

      1. DavyBerto

        The mod is from BadKarmaCustom, check is FB page for find the bdf add-on and the trailer

        1. TheGreenlightTrucker

          Yep. Nice Mod ❤

          1. can someone give me link to bussbygg? 😀

  3. Terje Lahaug

    Can you make a scs file for skin on truck and trailer?Have tried to copy the files over,but it will not let me copy!Opearation failed it says..done it just like it say in the read me

  4. The simulator guy


    Sorry not been in contact mate…
    Will message you on Facebook soon…

    Still no luck finding a good Internet provider…
    Love the skins.. I’m still on 1.27 but I have a few idea’s for the bussbygg tandem…

    I hope your keeping well

    Keep up the great work
    The Simulator Guy

  5. Nektarios

    do i need to change the .DDS files for that skin?

    1. DavyBerto

      Yes, you simply have to replace the the DDS file with the one I’ve provided into the download

  6. That truck mod and trailer is outdated last time I checked?

    1. @Beamz look on Facebook for bad karma customs .. they are in the process or have already updated it to 1.28 with working doLlysfaen and now able to paint wheels instead of keeping them only chrome

  7. I found where they are selling the truck if anybody is interested, I refuse to pay this much for a model though.

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