DHL Trailer owner Skin – ETS2 v1.32

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This is a example mod for trailer owner skin!



17 Responses to DHL Trailer owner Skin – ETS2 v1.32

  1. Roller says:

    This is bullshit, you need to think about the combo-skin in this case, turn on mind the ups…

    • SheerSquirrelTV says:

      I don’t really understand what is wrong with it, from the images provided it looks perfectly fine.

    • mikehackenbacker says:

      why complain roller?,lets see your mods,most may have dhl skins for trucks anyway.or he/she maynot have the skills for truck skinning,who knows,but at least its a contribution

    • retoucher says:

      @Roller: This is a trailer skin mod, NOT a combo skin mod!
      You learn to read the description!

  2. gjprojects says:

    Thank you Retoucher.

  3. Diogo S says:

    Does this replace a scs skin or is it standalone?

  4. fmad23 says:

    Thank you Retoucher, nice work.
    Skin fits very well – first Skin for the new Trailer Manager. Cool!

  5. iTzSplashed says:

    anyone knows a fitting truck skin? (DHL) ^^

  6. zui says:


  7. Sascha Seiffart says:

    und es ist ein skin der nicht geklaut ist saubere arbeit

  8. julien says:

    Hello, I tried to put my skin on your but unfortunately in the game is not texture. Are I supposed to change the color base?

  9. RobViguurs says:

    Can you do a Domino’s pizza from the Netherlands? Would very much appreciate it! example:

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