Dirty Road [1.27]

– New Cities
– New roads
– For correct work you need DLC “Viva la France”!

– Use the “U”, which would make the lower suspension!
– Map To version 1.27
– Start By a new game in the gaming unit to choose: s.mbd

REQUEST: When placing the mod for other resources to preserve the author’s link!



DOWNLOAD 1.1 GB Part 1
DOWNLOAD 1.2 GB Part 2

22 thoughts on “Dirty Road [1.27]

  1. Link Fail

      1. Thanks.

      1. Thanks.

  2. link Fail,noob…

  3. noob,..link fail

  4. RudeTrucker

    ### is that?! Military offroad #### mod ))))))))))))

    1. Пошёл ты на Х_У_Й!

    2. А лучше отсаси у моего соседа))))))))))))))

    3. Troglody golimy

  5. youngprince024

    The link is dead 🙁
    Awesome mod 🙂

  6. Not working… not loading the save not even with no mods beside this…

  7. Heringsmarine

    The Link is dead!

    The requested URL /cgi-bin/dl.cgi/ernjrsz56yhaaab7pfs3m2vfjx54hsay43tghn3mrq/DIRTY_ROAD_1.27_1.rar was not found on this server.

  8. I’m+crash+..+ets+version+1,27

  9. MY games keeps crashing. any ideas why? im running latest version 1.27 and started a new game.

  10. Bradzgaming

    phenomenal!! such a funny and great map well made! this show the real physics of a ets2 truck.
    keep up with the great work.
    its phenomenal.

  11. alecarb01

    mod non funzionante

  12. He crashes he does not

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