S.Verbeek R500 RJL skin crash FIX

-This version is 4K, so it should fix the issues that some people had. If the previous version worked fine, there’s no need to download this.

-For the guy who asked, no, I’m not removing the VAAS signature. You can do it yourself, if it bothers you that much



4 thoughts on “S.Verbeek R500 RJL skin crash FIX

  1. Thanks, Vaas! Now I can open that texture 😉
    Just on my birthday. thanks for the gift :-)))
    P.s. I’m that guy who asked for VAAS sign . Also there should not be a question mark on the mudguard 🙂 Should be only ‘So What’ text 🙂 But we can do this fix ourselves 😀

  2. The Simulator Guy

    Not Found The File?

    1. It works for me…

  3. TruckerMarc

    What lightbox are you using?

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