Dirty Russia Skin for Scania RJL 4-Series


Hey guys! this is my first job here, do not judge strictly! when
downloading other resources, please keep the authorship! Thank you.



8 Responses to Dirty Russia Skin for Scania RJL 4-Series

  1. zizu says:

    Please link trailer.Thank you

  2. Steve says:

    Just awesome, could you maybe do one just like this but without the Russia and the words on the sun visor?

    • HE6PAT says:

      sure I can

      • Steve says:

        Well thank you, and if you could release this matching dirty trailer or one like it, it would be awesome..

  3. fregaropa says:

    Absolutely amazing work !

  4. Little Johny says:

    Could you tell me where did you get it those interior items? Thank you very much!

  5. Richard Emmanuel says:

    hello !
    Nice mod ! very good start in modding !

    what is the graphic mod who you use in the game ?

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