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Scania S Dirty & Wielton Mega Dirty

-testet on 1.30.X
-content: -scania s dirty skin
-trailer wielton mega dirty
-wheels scs dirty

for the skin to work properly i put the two mods in:- scania next gen frontintake full paint
– scania next gen window paint
both put in mod folder don’t dezarhivar

for ETS 2



– Radow
– EdekLs
– Borsuk
– MDModding


Installation (easy):

– unpack the archive and put all file in to My DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2mod
– Enjoy the Addon.

Copyright (C) 2018 by radow . All rights reserved.

– Radow – EdekLs – Borsuk – MDModding



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6 thoughts on “DIRTY SCANIA S

  1. Robinson Crozo

    Well Done Radow team

    1. thx man

  2. Where in the hell did you drive with the truck that it got so #####? XD Just kidding man very cool idea and creation! Like!

  3. So which mod enables the Mighty Griffin DLC paint jobs for the Scania S? Been looking everywhere for a decent paintjob for my S 🙂

  4. Where do you have driving for have as much dirt ! A truck have never as much dirt but you mod is very beautiful ! Bravo

  5. Hello I can not find the livree for my Scania S, the wheels and everything else
    Someone can help me ?

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