Dirty Skin for Krone DLC Coolliner

This is a simple dirty skin for the Krone Coolliner from the Krone DLC. The base of the trailer is paintable.

Tested on 1.36.

Have fun! 😀



6 thoughts on “Dirty Skin for Krone DLC Coolliner

  1. lol an the bumper is clean lol how?`:D

    1. TheNuvolari

      That’s because that is not the painted version. If you choose the painted bumper then it is ##### all around.

      1. the reflective stripe is clean too – hahaha – why u don’t chose the painted one then? ;D

        1. TheNuvolari

          Does it have a painted version available?

          1. u are the mod creater u should know that lol

  2. Renegade_Trucking

    That is not dirt, that is only color gradiant. Not more!

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