Dirty trailers mod

Author: bartex2119
Tested with satana19990 real company mod.


18 Responses to Dirty trailers mod

  1. kentas says:

    gali numest linką kompanijos linką parsisiuntimą,nes aš insidėjęs kitą kompaniją kur schimitz ir visokie kitokie ir neveikia lygtais

  2. admin says:

    pažiūrėk šitam webe tikrai yra ir ne viensa

    • Johan Wiqvist says:

      I think it would have been nicer if we kept to english so everyone can understand.

  3. Johan Wiqvist says:

    Sorry, I have to correct what I said above. Of cource is it so that some do not understand english. But by using that language most will understand.

  4. manogi says:

    tandemo moda kasnors pakurkit prasau :DDD nusibodo tampyt puspriekabes, reik priekabos…

    • Johan Wiqvist says:

      Jeg har ikke anelse om vad dere snakker om, men denne virker for meg.

      • Pauliax says:

        Are you f***ing retard??? This is Lithuanian website, so can’t we speak our native language???
        You don’t like something? Get the hell out of here.

        • Johan Wiqvist says:

          I am sorry, you are right.
          I thought of this as an international site, but I now see that it is not, my misstake.

          I hope that you will accept my appology, cause out of your language it seems that I have hurt or upset you a lot. I of cource guess that you have been hurt or upset, cause if not you could have told me this in a nice and proper way. So I am sorry for this.

          • admin says:

            This site is absolutely for all visitors 🙂

      • donna8881 says:

        ja hvorfor taler de ikke bare engelsk 🙂

      • Kim Hansen says:

        God stil bare at tale sit eget sprog når alle andre også gør det xD

  5. milanfyre says:

    Hello, where do i get the latest version of satana19990 real company mod, please?
    Which snow mod are you using that your tires are covered in snow?

  6. kentas says:

    man reik linko kur būtų šita firma “TransLog”

  7. admin says:

    Peace, please 🙂

  8. kentas says:

    o gal aš blogai įdedu kai išextractinu būna vechile paskui trailer eu,company ir dds failai o kaip įdėt?

  9. donna8881 says:

    plzz can you give a link to the snow mod??

  10. jagg says:

    This working only for 1.1.3 version.
    Is possible to make for 1.2.5 (latest)

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