DisneyLiner T Cab


Airbrush DisneyLiner T Cab, Includes accessory mod for Lightbox.

You will need RJL T Cab from SCS Forums.

Tested and working 1.16.

Credit to “Mole” for putting together the accessory mod.



6 thoughts on “DisneyLiner T Cab

  1. RJL T Cab from SCS Forums crash with other mods so makes the hole truck a waste of time need a 1.16 woring t cab that works with mods unlike the bs above

  2. icebeer75

    vielen herzlichen Dank

  3. henryhay11

    Ive been using it on 1.16 and works perfectly fine with lots of other mods.

  4. Will Eaton

    Nice to see that you made this public 🙂

  5. nice wheels, can i have the link of that?

  6. Accessory pack has SOOOO many errors, please fix…

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