Diyarbakir Map v 2.0

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The Diyarbakir Map came out.
What has changed?
3 New districts added.
The infrastructure is organized and independently created.
Cities have been reorganized and errors have been removed.
Scania volvo galleries added.
Diyarbakır was organized.
TR 21 plate was added.
version 1.30 also works NOTE: ALL MAPS DLC LERGEN REQUIRES.
Producer: Cengiz Akkaya

Diyarbakır Map çıktı.
Peki neler değişti.
3 Yeni ilçe eklendi.
Alt yapı düzenlendi bağımsız olarak oluşturuldu.
Şehirler yeniden düzenlendi hatalar giderildi.
Scania volvo galerileri eklendi.
Diyarbakır düzenlendi.
TR 21 plaka eklendi.
versiyon 1.30 da çalışır NOT: TÜM HARİTA DLC LERİ GEREKLİDİR.
Yapımcı: Cengiz Akkaya



4 thoughts on “Diyarbakir Map v 2.0

  1. Bhagwant123

    Why are not making maps without any dlcs required? If promzona, Slovakia, EAA 4.5 and many more other maps can create without any dlcs requirements then what other map makers problem to create map without any dlcs requirements? Till date I couldn’t not understand to other map makers?

    1. Cengiz Akkaya

      there is something like this now that using the model program is a separate matter
      plus a few people who work on that map, on this map I’m alone I use it for building models

  2. Impossible to discover the whole map. Stoped at 99.98%.
    Any ideas?

    1. Edit:

      99,99% now. Using a mod detecting undiscovered map I found out the remaining 0,01% is a powerstation (or something) northwest in Ergani. It is connected to the map (orgininally to a closed road I think) but it is sorrounded by a fence and not accessable by truck.

      Hoping for a fix.

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