DLC Cabin Accessories Pack v 1.0

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Cabin Accessories Mod requiring “SCS’s Cabin Accessories DLC”
This pack has included support for all official trucks plus DAF 50k, , Danz’s Mercedes Antos and Actros 2014, MADster’s TGX Euro 6, RJL’s Scania Modifications, Scania T and Sisu, Satan1990’s Scania 4, ohaha’s Volvo FH 2013,Scania R700

You can combine SiSL’s Mega Pack feat. Star Wars DLC 1.1.4

Tested 1.21


* Respect the download link *

Authors: Scs, jeyjey16, M.T.P, Ghostlord


12 thoughts on “DLC Cabin Accessories Pack v 1.0

  1. vladic 302

    nice mods,Thanks!! [img]http://arcanumclub.ru/smiles/smile223.gif[/img]

  2. christophe

    super super cool grand merci

  3. does it also work with jeyjey cabin mod 3.0?

    1. Piratxxx11

      Yes.. work 😉

  4. Hey! this work at the multiplayer??

    1. Davidovski

      It don’t works on multiplayer, multiplayer don’t accept any kind of mods.

  5. vladic 302

    please make installation of the DVR,and not just in a certain place,thanks in advance


    Hey men awesome mod, could you add these characters in your next update version please, for now just one is available for SCANIA trucks but will be nice if they are available for the other trucks.


  7. Hey, I install toys dlc and this, the accecories slot is working but no accecories at all to put into the slots, I have 2.22.2 version of ETS2. can you help me?

  8. Christoph

    I have dlc toys but is doesnt work I have the game version 1.12.1 can some body help me?

  9. its a .rar file how can i change that to take the .scs file? :/

  10. is it work with v1.9 ?

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